GMTaC Lab is grounded in the humanities and has multiple areas of research that link our lab’s work to fields such as Science and Technology Studies, Global Studies, Cultural Geography, Anthropology, and Information Studies. A distinguishing feature of our work is a commitment to methodological experimentation and presentation of research findings in multiple formats, ranging from books to data visualizations, digital tools to multimedia art installations.


We conduct research on the material and cultural dimensions of media infrastructures in diverse sites around the world, from satellite systems that span continents to internet servers in rural communities, from innovative uses of mobile telephony to the siting of television transmitters.

We conduct critical analysis of media technologies and cultures in relation to processes of militarization and surveillance that have intensified in the context of the war on terror.

We conduct research on the resources required to energize and sustain media technologies and users in a global context. We also do research on e-waste, orbital debris, and the environmental impacts of media systems and devices.

We conduct field-based research on internet freedom conditions and social media use in various countries. We also help to develop digital tools that support the expressive practices of journalists, ethnic and gender/sexual minorities, political dissidents, and environmentalists, among others.

We conduct research on historical and contemporary uses of satellite technologies, including satellite broadcasting, remote sensing, and global positioning, from a critical media studies perspective.